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Where to Get WiFi in Nassau, Bahamas

With the rise of smart phones, everyone is attached to social media, email and staying in touch with their friends and family while traveling. While Wi-Fi connections are easily accessible on your cruise ship, they can come at a hefty cost and 1990s dial-up speeds.

But you find yourself in Nassau, Bahamas, you’ll find several hot spots where you can jump on for free or a small connection surcharge! Even though a vacation is all about the mental disconnect, sometimes it just isn’t that easy — and Nassau is your chance to fire up your iPhone and catch up on Facebook and Instagram (and maybe a work email or two, if you absolutely must).

Here are five hotspots to get WiFi in Nassau, Bahamas:

WiFi Hot Spot Sign on a Cruise Excursion in Nassau, Bahamas

Festival Place

This is the cruise terminal that all cruise ships dock at in Nassau. As soon as you walk through the terminal you will notice a free Wi-Fi signal. This is one of the most sought-after hotspots on the island because its so close to the ships and free, so you’ll want to arrive early or go late for optimal uploads.

Pro tip: For optimal signal, go to where the live band is playing, just before the exit (you’ll see the crew sitting there).


Conch Fritters Bar and Grill

Since the Bahamas is known for conch, why not enjoy a serving while showing people what a great time you’re having. Conch Fritters has Wi-Fi available to customers who are dining in or drinking at the bar. This is another easy find, located right across from the British Colonial Hilton Nassau.

Dunkin Donuts

Not only does America run on Dunkin, other parts of the world do, too — as so does Wi-Fi in Nassau. This DD location located in downtown Nassau offers paying customers access to their wireless network.


You’ll have a handful of locations to choose from throughout Nassau and Paradise Island. Though this Nassau Wi-Fi connection isn’t free, it’s worth the $3 per hour charge to enjoy it while sitting in the air-conditioned shop with your favorite beverage.


No matter where in the world you are, you can always rely on McDonalds for free public Wi-Fi. Located on Marlborough Street, caddy corner from the British Colonial Hilton Nassau.


  • Be careful when using public Wi-Fi networks to transmit credit card or banking information. Most public hotspots are not 100-percent secure. Turn on your firewall and anti-virus software when linking up to a public network.
  • For faster speeds, consider heading to use the Wi-Fi hotspot early in the morning or later in the day. You’ll find a lot faster speeds during the off-peak or shoulder times.
  • Ask your Nassau excursion guide if they have any secret places to go for WiFi in Nassau that could be less known. Chances are your guide may have some insider info.
  • Ask a crew member on your cruise ship if you ever have doubts on where to get connected. Crew members are away from their family months at a time and the internet is the only way they can stay in touch back home.
  • Don’t be a bandwidth hog. There are 1,000s of other people on the island who also want to use the internet. Upload your photos, check your emails and get back to enjoying your vacation. That’s why you took a cruise vacation in the first place – to disconnect.

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