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What Type of Traveler Are You?

Knowing what type of traveler you are can be a big help in taking the guesswork out of where to cruise to, as well as what to do once you reach your destination.

Do you like to hit the streets and see the museums? Engage in outdoor activities such as hiking or paddling? Are photographing historic buildings or amazing wildlife more your style? Maybe your definition of the ideal vacation involves warm, sandy beaches or checking out the sizzling foodie scene.

Whatever your pleasure, use the handy guide below to help identify your traveler type. Don’t worry if you see yourself in more than one category; that is more common than you think (bonus: it gives you more ideas to ponder)!

The Different Types of Travelers

Adventure Travelers and Thrill Seekers (Active Excursions)

These types of travelers are not content to lay all day on the beach or curl up on deck with a book. Restless is their middle name, and they are happiest when pushing their limits. Adventurers and thrill seekers tend to be physically fit, handling long treks and expeditions well. Novelty experiences rank high with this group

Hiking up famous mountains, swimming with sharks, zip lining across dense forest canopies, and racing along the trails in a Jeep or on ATV will bring a big smile to this traveler’s face.

History Buffs and LifeLong Learners (Cultural Excursions)

Museums, historical places, and cultural destinations satiate these types of travelers. They are perfectly happy spending hours canvassing medieval cities and excavated sites. Guided tours are good for this group, as they can learn — and appreciate — their visit more fully thanks to well informed guides

City tours, historical homes, art galleries, native exhibits, famous landmarks, local points of interest, and culinary tours are popular with this set.

The Planners (All Types of Excursions)

Every one of us has been with this type of traveler at one point in our lives. Their pocket guide, watch, and “on-a-mission” walk are dead giveaways. These are the traveling companions who have a planned itinerary, down to the last detail, for every member of the party. With them in the midst, you can be sure that important places or items don’t get overlooked.

This type of traveler can adapt to most excursions, as long as they’ve had a chance to research the place or activity first. You’ll also find a lot of business travelers in this category.

Influencer/Photographer Travelers (Scenic and Culinary Excursions)

It’s not hard to miss this traveler — he or she is usually being photographed at all the hot spots, and is very social media savvy (with the amazing Insta-worthy pics to show for it)!

Influencers and photographers can be found at famous landmarks, sightseeing locations, breathtaking waterfalls, gorgeous spas and retreats, and at the buzziest boutiques and bazaars. They are also great to dine with as they manage to find the most mouthwatering culinary dishes to share with their followers and subscribers.

Travelers Who Want to Relax (Water, Scenic Excursions)

These travelers gravitate toward all things relaxation, thoroughly enjoying the chance to get away from the grind and the 10 million emails. They work hard, and deserve to be pampered!

You can find them catching the sun’s rays on the beach, meandering about a quiet botanical garden, or rejuvenating with a facial or massage at the spa.

Family/Friends/Reunion Travelers (Family Excursion)

Vacation time is “connection time” with this bunch. Family and friends are very important to them, and they want a shared travel experience. With groups it can be challenging to make sure everyone in the party is having a good time, so communication before, during, and after the trip is vital.

Groups with families will benefit from family friendly destinations and activities such as the beach, water parks, zoos, and boat rides. Adult-only parties can go on a group tour, a hike, or learn the art of winemaking at a countryside winery.

Budget Travelers (Also Backpackers)

Budget-minded travelers look to travel affordably and are incredibly resourceful. They will usually know all of the best travel tips and hacks to save money. They tend to prefer hostels over Airbnb and hotels and they’d rather walk instead of paying for taxis and rideshares. Within this group you will find solo travelers, road trippers, country jumping backpackers, as well as those who are taking a “gap year” between high school and college.

Planning is important here to make the most of your time and money. Fortunately there are many destinations with highly walkable city centers, lively art districts, and delicious food carts to give you a good, low-cost feel for the people and the different cultures.

Luxury Travelers (Culinary and Private Excursions)

Luxury travelers appreciate the finer things in life, and are drawn to premium accommodations and first-class services. They are also drawn to unique or exclusive adventures.

Good choices for this traveler include private tours, luxury spa days, exclusive nightlife events, and behind-the-scenes admissions at area performances or attractions.

Foodies (Cultural and Culinary Excursions)

These travelers crave good food, and know just where to find it! They are culinary daredevils, willing to try a variety of exotic tastes and flavors. They believe that the best way to understand a culture is through its food.

You will find them at any food, wine, cooking, or brewery tour. The more hands-on, the better. Bonus points if they can take the recipe home.

Tourists (Cultural and Scenic Excursions)

At this point you might be thinking, are tourists and travelers the same? Yes, and No. Both types are technically traveling to a destination — however, tourists tend to be happiest observing and soaking in the culture instead of seeking a more active experience. And yes, you can be a blend of both, depending on the area or activity.

Tourists generally like going to popular destinations, famous landmarks, cultural sites, and participate in low-key activities such as whale watching tours.

Seasonal/Holiday Travelers

Many people are drawn to seasonal and holiday destinations for a variety of reasons: airfare and cruises are often cheaper, crowds tend to be smaller, and these travelers usually have built-in work and/or school downtime, giving them a chance to extend their vacation days even more. Some folks thrive on seeing all the different decorations in other cities or countries, and others like to get a vacation away from dealing with the holiday decorations and cooking themselves.

Popular holiday and seasonal destinations for this group include the Bahamas, Alaska, and Mexico. City tours are a must for those who want to see the holiday lights and pick up a holiday souvenir or two for their homes. The famed Christmas markets in Europe are a must-do.

Religious/Pilgrimage/Soul Searchers

This type of tourist travels with a specific goal in mind. Some are looking to fulfill a religious commitment or visit a holy place, while others are taking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life to search for answers deep within. Getting away from the usual distractions also helps those who are working on a book, and new surroundings may spur those creative juices.

Holy lands, churches, temples, meditation/retreat centers, and laid-back destinations are popular choices.

Special Needs Travelers (Children, Elderly, Pregnant, and Disabled)

These travelers — or their companions — frequently need extra planning and accommodations. Those with children do best with family friendly areas and activities; be sure to take all the children’s ages into account when planning any excursions. Those with small children need to check on transportation needs and age exclusions; older children might have to meet certain height or weight limits to participate in an activity.

Pregnant women will do well to check with excursion vendors in advance, as some activities are deemed too dangerous for the mom-to-be to participate in. This also applies to those travelers with back, neck, or heart issues.

Persons with wheelchairs and walkers need to take those items in consideration with any transport to offshore sites, as some vehicles only have room for passengers. Travelers with hearing or vision disabilities can have someone call in advance to see if there are alternative forms of communication at their chosen site (e.g., a written guide or oral presenter at a museum).

Travelers who have balance issues need to take the terrain or location into consideration when they embark on a tour. Stairs, cobblestones, and other uneven surfaces can be tricky. Those with vertigo or claustrophobia/breathing issues should take a hard pass on destinations that feature a very high  attraction or an attraction that requires entering into small tunnels and caves. Travelers who are not routinely athletic should stick to the easy hiking trails or shorter paddling excursions.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these traveler types?

Are there any descriptions you are surprised you resonate with? You can also take these types into account when you plan getaways with others so you can create a well blended itinerary that everyone will have a good time with.

Now that you know your traveler type(s), head on over to ShoreExcursionsGroup.com to find the shore excursions that will be the best fit for you!

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