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Top 5 Cliché Cruise Photos

Top 5 cliché cruise photos, we have all taken them! You may not think you have, but trust me, you have!

Photography and cruising go hand in hand, you couldn’t visit all these amazing places and not takes pictures of them as you go! You must photograph the ship, the food you sample in port, the activities onboard, and then you move across to the ones that you simply cannot resist, like the lifejacket selfie, standing in front of the ship and even the towel animals left by your cabin steward.

Get ready because you and I both know we are ALL guilty of them…

1.  Standing in Front of the Ship

We have all done it, arrived somewhere new and had the perfect opportunity to photobomb the ship, so that’s exactly what we do! I don’t think any cruise would be fully complete without the obligatory “photo in front of the ship” shot and I have seen some fantastic ones in the last few years. If you have any, be sure to share them with me!

Standing in front of P&O Cruises, Oceana in Katakalon, Greece 2011

Standing in front of P&O Cruises, Oceana in Katakalon, Greece 2011.

2. Lifejacket Selfie

After doing this a few times myself I have to say that it never gets old! It is something that must be done aboard every cruise ship. For first-time cruisers it is an absolute must and let’s be honest, who didn’t get a kick out of taking a lifejacket selfie on their first cruise? I think we all temporarily forget what they actually symbolise, we just see the fun in being on a ship and giving the bright orange jacket a little try.

Lifejacket selfie aboard MSC Magnifica on cruise excursion

My lifejacket selfie aboard MSC Magnifica.

3. Towel Animals

You don’t find them aboard every cruise ship, but when you return to your cabin for the evening and are greeted by something that looks like the below, it always makes you smile! Well, it always makes me smile! I had a jungle in my cabin on one cruise, quite literally! I had a monkey, two hamsters, snake, bulldog, gorilla, rabbit and one or two more. I asked my cabin steward to leave them but I was soon running out of space.

Hotel Towel Animal on Shore Excursion

I have been greeted by an elephant several times.

4. Deck Parties

Everyone loves a good deck party, especially when sailing warm, tropical regions like the Caribbean. When the music is loud, the lights are setting the mood and hundreds of people are having the time of their lives – what could be more photo-worthy when at sea? Even now I will always take photographs of the deck parties, even though on some ships I have seen them several times. I never tire of them because I love the energy and atmosphere they create onboard.

Cruise Ship Deck Party on Excursion in Caribbean

Cruise ship deck party!

5. The Tender Boat

I think this one may be more relevant for first-time cruisers, but will admit that I still do take the occasional tender boat picture. It’s one of those things you have to capture so you can tell your friends back home how you left the ship and went ashore in a lifeboat, because it’s always a topic for conversation. The tender boat is not for everyone, but I enjoy it and always try to sit up top if the weather is good – ideal place for taking photographs of your ship as you leave her behind for the day.

Tender Boat on a Cruise Excursion

The good old tender boat!

So there you have it, my top 5 cliché cruise photos. If you think I should have included something else, then please leave a comment below, I will note it and use it in a future blog! 😉

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