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Things to Do in Tortola

Tortola is a beautiful island. If you have time, I would highly recommend you take a trip to Cane Garden Bay Beach. It is located across the hill from the cruise port and of all the beaches I have visited in the Caribbean this remains one of my favorites. The dramatic effect of the rolling hills hugging the beach at either side make for an interesting feel and the water is beautifully clear. I wish I had spent more time here, but when I return I will make up for the time I missed. I also have to say that the rum punch had a kick to it!

Pussers Landing was also a wonderful place to visit. It’s quite small so it will not take up too much of your day. Their sweet potato fries were pretty good and if you did want to make more of a day out of it,  you can hire boats from the Marina.

Tortola Beach Cruise Excursion, British Virgin Islands

Of course, a visit to Tortola wouldn’t be complete without some dolphin interaction, and you really are spoiled for choice on this island. Our favorites are the Dolphin Discovery Encounter and Dolphin Royal Swim.

The Dolphin Discovery Encounter is a great opportunity for the entire family to get up close and personal with these highly intelligent and playful mammals. This excursion starts with an introduction detailing how dolphins live, play and even sleep. Next, it is time to meet these beautiful creatures of the deep as you come face to face; if you are lucky, you may even get a cheeky kiss!

Dolphin Day Tour in Tortola, British Virgin Islands - Shore Excursions Group

Dolphins are beautiful creatures, and this chance to fully engage with them is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I suspect you parents will be just as excited as the kids for this excursion.

If you want to take the dolphin experience a little further, then we highly recommend the Dolphin Royal Swim.  Again this tour starts in the same way as the Discovery Encounter. But it goes beyond your wildest dreams when you grab on to that dorsal fin and find yourself on a speed ride with your new friend. There is a minimum age and height restriction for this one, so please check details carefully before booking.

On your return to the port area, don’t forget to check out the little market huts that are just outside of the port entrance in Road Town. These offer a great chance to grab some souvenirs, and the prices are very good indeed. If you go one street back from the main road, you will find some interesting little stores including Sunny Caribbee and a rather nice Jewellers.

I hope you have an AMAZING time in Tortola.


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