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Inside a Cruiser’s Head in Nassau

Nassau, Bahamas…ooh, isn’t that where Atlantis is? Admit it, when someone says Nassau, one of your first thoughts is the iconic resort that takes up pretty much all of Paradise Island. There is more to this Bahamian island, though, and we’re going to explore it with you by going inside the head of a cruiser who just arrived there.

Oh wow – is that Atlantis over there?

It’s hard to miss the resort when you arrive in the port. It’s massive in size and impressive in grandeur. Checking out the reactions of first-timers as they take in the brilliant blue waters and resort can be fun to watch. Nassau never disappoints when it comes to views.

Atlantis Resort Shore Excursion on Paradise Island, Bahamas

How do I get to Atlantis?

There’s really more to this island than Atlantis. But getting there involves a water taxi or car taxi. Once you get an Atlantis fix, look into some of the amazing beach offerings. Atlantis charges a lot for one-day beach access, but the island features about 52 prettier beaches for free — including Cabbage Beach and Cable Beach. The water taxi is the best way to travel because it’s almost like a mini-excursion (in fact, boating around Nassau is one of the best ways to see it, as this popular Nassau excursion explains!). You get a guided tour, and they drop you off right across the street from this massive resort. It’s less than a 10-minute walk. If you’re feeling lucky, you can spin the wheel in the Atlantis casino or get a pass to its humongous water park.

Town of Nassau Day Tour - Shore Excursions Group

What did people do here before Atlantis?

It’s hard to believe the resort hasn’t always been here. That’s why there are a lot of other things to see and do in Nassau. The Straw Market is a classic filled with tons of different souvenirs, including Junkanoo and thatched purses. Take in Bahamian history by checking out Ft. Charlotte, the Government House or a culinary tour. Nassau’s always offered water sports, including boating, snorkeling and diving – and they still do. Want to see more of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous? Take a tour and check out tons of celebrity vacation homes.

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