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Best Drinks in Cozumel

Want an ice cold Dos Equis? Or the best margarita in Mexico after your Cozumel shore excursion? Look no further — we’ve done the research and the taste-testing to give you the five best places to get a drink in Cozumel.

La Choza

Known equally for excellent, authentic Mexican food and delicious drinks, this place tops the list every time. No trip to Cozumel is complete without a stop here. One way you can tell it’s excellent? This is a favorite spot for the crew from the cruise lines (and they always know the best spots), and it’s usually the first recommendation from a local. Located a few blocks from downtown, the margaritas here are something to write home about and the fish dishes always hit the spot.

Carlos and Charlie’s

A Cozumel classic, this bar’s been serving up drinks to tourists and locals alike in the downtown area since 1979. Famous for fun, this is a laid-back bar that also has your typical bar food offerings. It’s a casual, do-what-you-want atmosphere where you shouldn’t be surprised to be on the receiving end of a prank from your bartender.

Mojitos from Carlos and Charlie’s in Cozumel, Mexico

Coconuts Bar and Grill

Not just any bar can be at the top of a Trip Advisor list, but this bar ranked #2 in Cozumel nightlife. Not just your average bar, Coconuts features a stunning view of the ocean. It’s a bit rustic and geared towards adults, but it’s a unique Cozumel experience.  This one’s a little off the beaten path. Not only will you need to drive or take a taxi there, it’s a bit of walk up the cliff to get to it. It’s not within walking distance from the cruise ports, but it’s worth the time and experience for the best drinks in Cozumel.

Three Amigos 

This bar gets a nod due to its awesome location – pretty much right on one of the piers in Cozumel. Minimal walking required, which could be great depending on how many margaritas you want to enjoy in Mexico. This bar (and restaurant) is pretty likely to have guests dancing on the bars and tables when the party gets going.


It’s always 5 o’clock at Margaritaville. Fantastic atmosphere and, of course, the drinks are great, too. In addition to being a pretty good bar, Margaritaville sits right on the water and offers outdoor activities, including giant trampolines. The bar offers snorkeling equipment and all of this is only a short 10-minute ride from the piers.

Margaritaville Day Trip in Cozumel, Mexico - Shore Excursions Group

Cozumel offers so much to do and see — and drink and eat. Check out any one of these bars and your taste buds will be sure to thank you!


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