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5 Reasons to Travel Solo on a Cruise

Ever gone through the high of planning a cruise with a friend and then the disappointment he or she has to cancel? Don’t think that you have to settle for a staycation or miss out on the cruise of a lifetime just because you no longer have someone to accompany you.

If you have never considered the possibility of traveling solo on a cruise, here are five reasons why you should:

A Vacation on Your Terms

There can be many frustrations when planning a trip with others. When you travel solo, you get to make ALL of the decisions. The when, where and what, is all up to you. You set the pace and tone of your trip.

Caribbean Destination Signs - Shore Excursions Group

Try Things Your Travel Companions Might Not Enjoy

I usually travel with a close friend from college who lives in a different city. I am a foodie, and she is not. On my solo cruises, I’ve taken the opportunity to book activities like food tours, cooking classes and even a chef’s table. It allows me to have my cruise foodie experience without the guilt of not spending time with my friend. Recently, I took a float plane over the Tongass National Forest in Ketchikan. Even though I was alone, it’s still something that my afraid-of-heights counterpart would never do.

Coastal View with Airplane - Shore Excursions GroupNice to Meet You!

Cruising solo doesn’t mean you have to BE alone. Join message board roll calls for your sailing and connect with fellow cruisers before you even set foot onboard the ship. I have done this before on my solo cruises and have met some wonderful people. I was invited to activities with these new friends, and they made sure I never ate dinner alone.

Lounging Deck on the Beach in the Caribbean - Shore Excursions Group

Have a Seat… or Deck Chair!

Though this may seem silly, it is much easier to find one chair than two or more. This is extremely handy if you want to be closer to the stage or action.

Stage Show Concert during a Shore Excursion

Enjoy Some “Me” Time

This point needs no explanation, but there are times you need to get away, head to a beautiful place and refocus. The benefit of doing this on a cruise is that you get to travel to beautiful places, unpack once and have the option to “play” with others if you choose.

Sunset on the Caribbean Beach Cruise Excursion

So next time you are faced with vacation time and no one to go with you, don’t write off taking a solo cruise. It can be a very rewarding and fun experience if you are willing to give it a try.

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